Duo show and co-research project with Younghae Chang
Following film study [Gun Grandpa]

2023. 07. 14 — 08. 04
M3TA (Seoul, KR)
Supported by Arts Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Focusing on the clichés, symbolisms, and subjects’ experiences that compose cinematic images, “TACTICS” examines the superimposition of narrative agency and the dynamics that incur as a result of such layering. The exhibition also places particular emphasis on intricate habits and subtle gestures of the characters, strategized as a tactic of delay on the pathway to a more universal understanding of the exhibition’s narrative which refuses binaristic relations and social hierarchies.

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[Gun Grandpa]
4 channel video* 11’ (S#1+S#2+S#3+S#4) white cube version
currently working on editing for black box version

Co-directed with Younghae Chang
Supported by Arts Council Korea

On the second floor of a building that is about to collapse, a young girl meets an old shoemaker. Despite the old man's kind gestures of hospitality, she soon senses something is amiss.

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