Versatile Dynamics


Group show [Window Reconstruction], Amado Art Space(Seoul KR)

(...) Actually, the body is not the only thing that ages. Looking ahead and behind the blue-screen, we find the interpenetrated access floor. Usually, this infrastructure is constructed a little bit uplifted, concealing conditioning facilities like LAN lines and electrical wires, and allowing people to walk around on the floor. This site-specific installation is based on its real size, made of wood, not ordinary steel material. The exposed structure creaks and is unstable while walking around. Yelim Ki exposes the hidden infrastructure that the fast-updated operating system requires and displays sculptures created by sextants and measurement equipment. This structure helps us recall our position. The infrastructure can be interpreted as construction, but it can also be seen as figures of an artifact that continually falls down from technology development. All old things must be abandoned in progress. (...) (Malgeum Kim)