Sculptures, Research and writing

Initiated from a team project After New Order...
Supported by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Hyundai Motors.

By tracing back the experimental phase of Project Natick, an undersea data center development project that Microsoft has been promoting since 2014, [Vent] develops a fictional narrative about the non-human ecosystem that allows the internet network to function seamlessly. While writing a scenario that adopts the way conspiracy theories are spoken, the project involved material practices to create sculptures disguised as architectural elements engraved with sentences extracted from this text, and to create digital images that capture the appearance of the undersea cable ecosystem and implement them on multiple levels.

Read the whole text [Vent] (KR/EN)
published by YPC Press, SVC(Society of Visual Culture, Korea) as a part in [Material Study]

Technical support from Shampoo (wood), PCS (epoxy)